U.N.I.T. (Unified Nations Intervention Team) began its existence as a disaster relief organization drawn from member nations’ supers, but with a special agreement of member nations became a specialized superhuman emergency response team. This has drawn it into conflict with many other supers teams including the Covenant, and on several occasions the Protectorate who recognise no national boundaries in their own mission.

  • Wayland (Germany)
  • Anhur (Egypt)
  • Arc (Spain)
  • Battlelance (Mexico)
  • Britannic Scarab (United Kingdom)
  • Canadian Scarab (Canada)
  • Communion (Jamaica)
  • Devilwing (Tibet)
  • Force (Australia)
  • Huntsman (Russia)
  • Icebreaker (Norway)
  • Jack of the Lantern (Ireland)
  • John Henry (USA)
  • Kismat (India)
  • Pathfinder (Kenya)
  • Rampart (France)