The Shark

Real Name: Unknown

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Vindicators, Protectorate

Neptune railed against The Veil with godly might and fury. He had battled before against his endless incarceration in this place, and he would not fail this time. Alongside him other old gods fought against their prison. They had been imprisoned for so long, ultimately realizing that only by working together a few may pierce the barrier between planes. Mars raged. Anhur struck with his spear of light. Anansi sought to use his tricks to befuddle the semi-sentient Veil. After centuries of assault, they would not be bound any longer.

At first, the crack in The Veil was almost imperceptible, but slowly, with blow after blow, the crack widened. Anhur was the first through, followed by Anansi and others. Pluto, Mars and Neptune mustered all their power to maintain the breach, but to no avail as The Veil began to replenish itself and heal. Other gods joined them: Enlil, Ganehsa and Supay. Ganesha exerted all his might to sunder the barrier once and for all, but it was for naught. In the last moment before The Veil closed once more Neptune unleashed a sliver of his power and forced it through the closing breach, directing it earthwards.

In the deeps of the ocean Neptune’s power coalesced. A form emerged, fetal at first, developing rapidly. Growing through childhood to puberty to adulthood in a matter of moments until a blond-haired man remained. He opened his eyes and swam for the surface, vestments forming around him while he scythed through the water eventually breaching its surface into golden sunshine.

In the weeks that followed stories emerged of ocean-polluters being attacked by a mighty golden-haired man in a mask. Their vessels were surrounded by sharks which gave way to the press in turn dubbing him The Shark. He soon stated he would be the guardian of all his kingdom, the seas of Earth.

The Shark was eventually located by Professor Quantum and after a brief misunderstanding and conflict agreed to join the Vindicators. It was shortly after this that the team was displaced in time for over five decades. The Shark is now returned, and more determined than ever to defend the seas against further predation and destruction, and now he has fallen under the gaze of the mysterious super-being known as The Eye.

“You bring war to my kingdom, and now you face the wrath of the Seven Seas”.

The Shark – The Shark, King of the Seas #5