Real Name: Edward ‘Eddie’ Thomas Thompson

Alignment: Anti-Hero

Faction: Outcasts

In the dark underbelly of Empire City, the twisted scientist Doctor Arachnus conducted nightmarish experiments in his secret laboratory. Driven by a deranged obsession to unlock the secrets of human potential, and one day remake his own shattered body, he delved into the realms of genetic manipulation, crossing the boundaries of ethical science. It was in this macabre laboratory that the anti-hero known as Membrane was born.

Eddie Thompson, a down-on-his-luck private investigator, became unwittingly entangled in Arachnus’ sinister web. Desperate to uncover the truth behind a missing person, Eddie followed leads and eventually stumbled upon the hidden laboratory. Ignorant of the horrors that awaited him, Eddie was captured by Arachnus and subjected to diabolical experimentation.

Arachnus, armed with his knowledge of latent Unhuman DNA and no ethical restraint, injected Eddie with a volatile concoction of serums, altering his genetic makeup. Course after painful course of treatment left Eddie screaming then shattered. Arachnus’ aim was to create a being with psychoplasmic powers, capable of molding his own projected psychic energy to suit his needs. The experiment was a terrifying success, but it came at a great cost to the unwilling test subject.

From that moment on, Eddie’s life was forever changed. As he awoke from the agony of the final procedure, he found himself transformed into Membrane – a being capable of manifesting a protective psychoplasmic shell around his body. This shell served as both armor and weapon, granting him incredible resilience, able to withstand even the most brutal of attacks. Membrane’s newfound psychoplasmic claws enabled him to traverse the sprawling metropolis with unparalleled agility and speed. Membrane broke free but not before Dr. Arachnus escaped.

Yet, with these extraordinary abilities comes a heavy burden. The psychoplasm unleashed by Eddie’s mind also fuels a dark, violent alter ego that threatened to consume his very soul. Membrane – Eddie’s ‘other’ – has an insatiable appetite for destruction and vengeance, driven by the pain and suffering inflicted upon Eddie during the experiment. Membrane became a creature of the night, stalking Empire City’s darkest corners, seeking out those who profited from the pain of innocents.

Haunted by his own duality, Eddie struggles to maintain control over Membrane’s bloodlust. The line between man and anti-hero blurred as he sought justice through brutal means, often leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake. Empire City trembled in fear at the sight of this enigmatic vigilante, unsure whether to cheer for his acts of retribution or recoil in horror at the brutality of his methods.

As Empire City’s darkest depths continues to be sundered by Membrane’s violent crusade, Eddie Thompson finds meager solace in the knowledge that he is, in some twisted way, fulfilling a semblance of justice. In his relentless pursuit of those who abused their power, he hopes to find redemption and a measure of peace for the broken soul within him.

“We are Membrane!”
Membrane – Outcasts #7