Star Phantom

Real Name: Toth Bhanna

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Aegis

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where star systems danced and galaxies span ever outward, the Star Phantom Corps stood as a beacon of intergalactic peace. For millennia, they had protected the innocent and defended the weak, harnessing the power of Star Stones to maintain harmony across one million galaxies. But tragedy struck when darkness descended upon the Void Nebula, and the Corps was annihilated, leaving only one survivor—Toth Bhanna, the greatest of the Star Phantoms.

Toth Bhanna, known throughout the cosmos for his courage and compassion, witnessed his comrades fall at the hands of a malevolent force during the Void Nebula Massacre. Grief-stricken and burdened by survivor’s guilt, he swore to honor his fallen allies by carrying their legacy forward. Clad in the vestments of the last Star Phantom, he set forth on a mission to prevent such devastation from consuming any more lives.

Guided by a cosmic intuition, and now accompanied by Mep, Toth Bhanna’s journey led him to the blue jewel of the universe—Earth. It was on this planet that he discovered a startling truth: fragments of the very Star Stones that fueled the might of the Star Phantom Corps had fallen from the heavens, scattered across its surface. With the potential for immense power now in the hands of ordinary beings, he knew he had to act swiftly to protect both Earth and multitudinous worlds from those who sought to exploit this newfound power.

Assuming the guise of a human, Toth Bhanna immersed himself in the culture and technology of Earth, learning its ways and harnessing its resources. Star Phantom soon became a guardian of the planet and its population, and gatherer-custodian of the remaining Star Stone shards.

Newly settled on Earth, Star Phantom embarked on a quest to retrieve the scattered Star Stones, protecting them from those who would use them for nefarious purposes. Along the way, he encountered a diverse array of villains—both human and extraterrestrial—who sought to harness the gems’ power for their own gain. Each confrontation tested Star Phantom’s resolve, but he fought valiantly, driven by the memory of his fallen comrades and the knowledge that the fate of countless lives hung in the balance.

Star Phantom became a majestic sight around the globe as he soared through skies, harnessing the power of cosmic flight. As he extended his hands towards his foes, energy surged forth, manifesting as brilliant beams of light that incinerated even the darkest of shadows. With peerless strength he vanquished those whose powers allowed them to prey on others.
Through his selfless acts and unwavering determination, Star Phantom offered a symbol of hope and inspiration, reminding humanity of the power that lies within everyone to make a difference.

As the last of the Star Phantom Corps, Toth Bhanna knows that his mission is far from over. With each fallen Star Stone reclaimed, he draws closer to restoring the power and glory of the Corps and avenging the fallen. The legacy of the Star Phantoms burns brightly within him, guiding him through the darkness as he blazes a trail of justice across the cosmos, the celestial guardian forever known as the Star Phantom.

“Countless worlds were lost when the Corps fell, but no more! With Earth I stand!”
Star Phantom – Saga of the Star Phantom #1