Real Name: Dr. Paige Barbera Harvey

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Aegis

Paige Harvey, a renowned archaeologist, was driven by an insatiable curiosity for ancient mysteries. Her latest expedition was led by cryptic whispers and fragmentary clues, deep in the Egyptian desert.

As she approached the area she had identified, Paige heard whispers in her mind, guiding her to greater precision as she chose her dig site. The team soon uncovered a buried stone construction. Accompanied by Matt Trask, her steadfast bodyguard, Paige ventured into the uncovered building which promised magnificent untouched treasures.

As they delved deeper into the ancient structure, the air grew thick with anticipation. The voice that Paige had been hearing revealed itself as Ra, sun god of ancient Egypt. More insistently Ra guided Paige to a hidden chamber, its walls adorned with celestial symbols and a faint, otherworldly glow emanating from a pedestal at its center. Upon the pedestal lay a glowing fragment, pulsating with solar energy. Ra whispered its name to Paige: Star Stone! As Paige approached the gem, she felt an overwhelming surge of power course through her body. The stone resonated with her very essence, awakening supernatural abilities within her.

In that pivotal moment, Paige was transformed as Ra bid her farewell from behind The Veil. Radiant solar wings unfurled from Paige’s back, shimmering with the brilliance of a thousand suns. She discovered she could conjure solar shields, capable of deflecting any attack, and project devastating solar blasts. Her transformation was complete; she had become Sunwing, a guardian imbued with the power of the sun. Matt watched on in awe.

As Paige reveled in her newfound abilities, immediately disaster struck. The temple began to collapse, trapping Matt under a massive stone slab. Desperation and determination surged within her as she realized the true extent of her powers. With a focused blast of solar energy, she obliterated the debris, freeing Matt from certain death. She enveloped him in a protective solar shield, guiding them both safely through the crumbling ruins.

Emerging from the temple, Sunwing and Matt stood under the blazing desert sun, their bond stronger than ever. Paige vowed to use her powers for the greater good, to protect humanity from the malevolent forces seeking to exploit the Star Stones’ power. Matt, ever loyal, pledged to stand by her side, his role evolving from bodyguard to trusted ally in their shared mission.
In time Paige met Star Phantom and joined the nascent Aegis as protector of the Earth against otherworldly threats. Then a new mystery revealed itself: how did a Star Stone fragment land in ancient Egypt following the Void nebula Massacre of only a few years earlier. Together, Paige and her newfound allies seek to uncover the truth behind that event.

Now, as Sunwing, Paige harnesses the might of the sun, her luminous wings a beacon of hope and justice in a world teetering on the brink of darkness.

“You may think you’re hot stuff Molthrax, but I’ll light your way to prison!”
Sunwing – Sunwing & Sunhawk Adventures #12