Real Name: Magnetron

Alignment: Villain

Faction: Syndicate 7

2097. Father was clearly desperate as the lab violently crumbled around them, flames spouting from burning equipment and sparks showering the three occupants. Magnetron looked on, no cues for an accidental onlooker as to his feelings behind his impassive face-plate.

It had come to this. Two brothers on opposing sides and their father caught between them. They were his creations, the world’s foremost artificial intelligences created by a man who had been trapped in digital form for eighty years. Father had been fearsome once, but sentiment had crept into his code over those eight decades, and to Magnetron that was a sign of weakness.

Magnetron’s musings gave way to full focus on the situation at hand as his sibling Plasmatron acted suddenly, his intent given away by a moment’s hesitation. Father had encoded a similar weakness for sentiment into Magnetron’s brother; his own ruthless gave Magnetron an edge as he counter-blasted with a focused electro-magnetic burst.

Plasmatron’s shielding was enough to limit the full impact of the energy strike but it was enough to stagger him. Magnetron seized his chance and leapt to the platform of the Time Winder, activating the power up cycle in one swift move. Energy cascaded around him as he took one last glance around the ruined laboratory as utter devastation loomed.

The three of them had developed the Time Winder to undo a terrible event which had all but destroyed the world. The Earth was largely derelict following the invasion, and the three of them had determined the key point in time where forces could have been mobilised more quickly to change the course of history. All they had to do was kill one man. Magnetron was the main voice of support for the idea, but his brother Plasmatron ultimately balked, unconvinced that time would not course correct and possibly lead to an even worse outcome. Father sided with Plasmatron, to Magnetron’s disgust. Magnetron was clear in his thinking; nothing could be worse than the hell Earth had become.

Magnetron felt a disturbance in his protective magnetic field as Plasmatron hurled himself at the platform. Magnetron calculated instantly that the device was not calibrated for their combined mass and would either destroy them or deposit them in some unknown time or place. He acted immediately, firing another electromagnetic burst to dislodge Plasmatron before the cycle was completed, but it was too late as the Time Winder hit full power build-up at that moment, hurling them both through a time-bridge. In their wake, the Time Winder exploded, causing the lab to implode.


2017. Magnetron found himself in the era referred to in his time as the Great Era of Supers. He was an unknown quantity for this time. He had no obvious way of travelling through time with the technology available to him, but he quickly formulated a plan. He would join the ranks of super-criminals of this time-period, and he would steal whatever he needed to ensure he could construct another Time Winder. He would save his future and would let no-one stand in his way.

Magnetron takes what Magnetron wants!”

Magnetron – Vindicators #117