Real Name: Plasmatron

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Vindicators

2097. Plasmatron watched Father’s desperation as his laboratory sanctuary was torn apart. Everything Father had built and prepared with his ‘sons’ for was in danger of being annihilated.
Brothers birthed of the same source code, Plasmatron and Magnetron were siblings and rivals. Father had created each as the potential instrument of global salvation, each following a distinct path, and now at this moment it appeared that his plans would end in failure and neither would prevail.

Plasmatron contemplated every possibility of the current situation and committed to a course of action – Magnetron had to be stopped. He moved suddenly, but inadvertently signaled his intentions as bleak as things were, he did not wish to hurt his brother. That gave Magnetron the only moment he needed as he ruthlessly unleashed a full power electro-magnetic burst aimed squarely at Plasmatron.

Plasmatron’s shielding was enough to limit the full impact of the energy strike which staggered him, nonetheless. He watched on helplessly as Magnetron arced upwards to the Time Winder platform, activating the power sequence in a near instant. Energy cascaded around them as Plasmatron glanced around the ruined laboratory they had called home as utter devastation loomed.

Father and his sons had developed the Time Winder to undo a terrible event which had all but destroyed the world. The Earth was largely derelict following the invasion, and the three of them had discerned the key point in time where forces could have been mobilized more quickly to change the course of history. All they had to do was eliminate the threat of one man. Magnetron voiced support for simply killing the target, but Plasmatron ultimately balked. He was unconvinced that time would not course correct and possibly lead to an even worse eventuality. He felt a more considered solution was required. Father sided with Plasmatron, to his brother’s disgust. Plasmatron was clear in his thinking; there could be a worse hell than that which had befallen the world.

Plasmatron hurled himself at the platform, slamming into his brother. He knew he was making a grave maneuver which would either destroy them or deposit them in some unknown time or place. Magnetron fired another burst of electro-magnetic energy, but it was too late as the Time Winder reached full power and activation in that moment, hurling them both through a time-bridge. In the ruined lab they left behind, the Time Winder exploded destroying the last stronghold on their world.


1961. Plasmatron found himself lost in a past far earlier than the one where the target resided. He was alone, with no sign of his brother. He quickly learned that the time he had landed in was a glorious age of superheroes. Inspired by their ideals, Plasmatron became a regular sight in the skies of Empire city as he fought crime and intervened when danger threatened. He was soon approached by the Vindicators who asked him to join them. His stalwart service lasted for a few years until the team was dislodged in time, bringing him closer to his own era but still stranded in his own past.

“With our power we must help, for what else should we do!”
Plasmatron – Vindicators #17