Real Name: Princess Immah’latar ishn Krella

Alignment: Villain

Faction: Shadow Axis

Princess Immah’latar was banished from the Krellan Empire by order of her mother, the Grand Majestrix Immah’lashan XXII. The ruthless princess had spied for years on her own kind, selling military and strategic secrets to the Grutharii, and at last her duplicity was uncovered. Knowing the price of her treason would be execution she used her royal command of flame to overcome her captors before she stole a private shuttle with hyperspace capability.

With only one possible course of action available, Immah’latar fled for Grutharri space. She arrived to a welcome party led by Grug the Destroyer, High Warlord. At his command, Grutharii ships opened fire on her small vessel – the betrayer betrayed!

Her small ship’s shields failing under their fire she made a desperate jump to hyperspace once more, knowing the damage done to her vessel’s hyperdrive could casue it to fail at any moment.

When the drive finally expired, Immah’latar’s craft dropped from hyperspace, plummeting planet-side to a world which her waning instruments indicated was thankfully breathable for her.

The now-wrecked craft had fallen into the heart of some strange city, and she soon found herself surrounded by Earthly males in dark uniforms, pointing what she assumed were weapons at her. She summoned the royal fire bestowed on her blood-line and blasted at the men. They were immediately cowed by her mastery of raw confiscating energy. the threat diminished, but suspecting reinforcements would follow, she launched herself into the sky, and as she arced skywards, she smiled that she had survived her incredible journey. But that was only just, for she had powerful blood in her veins.

Immah’latar quickly adapted her technology to interpret local language protocols and learned everything she could about this world called Earth, and its many ‘supers’. When the villain Tyrant launched his Shadow Axis proclamation, she decided that here was a being worthy of her presence and alliance, and so that day another super-villain was born – the golden-skinned Immolator.

“Bow down before my majesty, and feel my flame!”

Immolator – Covenant of Justice #27