The Arrow

Real Name: Rhea Alyssa Payne

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Vindicators, Covenant

Rhea Payne grew up in Texas, learning keenly developed hunting skills from an early age. Her talent with bows was nurtured by her father and this soon led Rhea into competition archery, an she eventually represented her country at international level.

After achieving global sporting success, Rhea decided to join the military while maintaining her sport. After serving with distinction for several years, Rhea was honorably discharged and swiftly recruited into US intelligence and had to give up publicly competing in her favorite sport.

After several years operating in postings at home and abroad, Rhea found herself increasingly disillusioned with her role. With each mission Rhea felt her clarity of purpose erode further, seeing no improvement in the endless war against crime and espionage as she had to make compromise after compromise. She continued to operate with absolute professionalism in the field, but in private her doubts grew and unanswered questions festered within her. It was the rise in super-crime in her own country which finally caused her to make a decision that had been a long time coming.

Resigning from her intelligence job, Rhea moved to Empire City, drawn by a desire to make a difference in the city that was singularly besieged by super-crime.

Donning a mask and deciding to use her archery skills to fight for justice, Rhea adopted the crime-fighting identity of The Arrow.

Attracting the attention of Professor Quantum, The Arrow was soon recruited into the ranks of the Vindicators when the team’s leader realized they needed stronger connections to the modern world.

When Rhea learned that her great-grandfather had served in the war-time ranks of a previous Covenant as Grey Archer, she quickly agreed to liaise between both teams after the Vindicators and the Covenant teamed up to vanquish Tyrant’s full Shadow Axis when they attacked Washington, DC.

“You’re the target and I’m The Arrow!”

The Arrow – Vindicators #87