The Eye sits on high in his eyrie, guiding the Protectorate’s activities. The Eye recognises no sovereign borders when action is required, which has placed his team at odds with both the Covenant and the Vindicators., especially when the Protectorate includes members of both. His focus is on the rise of two ideologically-driven bands of supers: the Shadow Axis and the Primacy. The former asserts the dominance of superhumans bound to a credo of ‘do what thou wilt’, while the latter seek to usurp the current global status quo with a superhuman new world order. Only The Eye recognizes the true threat of each of these factions and he is working to address them, regardless of the laws of nation states.

Team Members (click names in bold for links)

  • The Eye
  • Amazing Man
  • Black Terror
  • Blue Flame
  • Dare-devil
  • Crusader
  • Jetman
  • Man Of War
  • Mighty Man
  • Strongman
  • The Heap
  • The Owl
  • The Shark
  • Wraith