Supers Unlimited

On this page you can find out all about the Supers Unlimited range, and the heroes and villains who battle for the fate of the world!

Museum alarms ring out as The Brute, Mr. Carrion and Punchline crash through its antique revolving doors, trailing splintered wood in their wake. The Brute clutches the Regal Diamond, the world’s most expensive jewel in the palm of his massive hand.
From the skies, Doc Cosmos and Chimera swoop down, as Ace swings from the shadows. The heroes didn’t receive their tip-off in time to stop the three super-criminals from stealing the fabled gem, but they will stop them escaping!
Welcome to a world of supers gaming, where superhumans battle across alien spacecraft, underneath the waves in the heart of Tritonopolis, or in the heart of a dormant volcano as Omegatron V’s death ray threatens all human life.

Supers Unlimited is a range of skirmish miniatures allowing you to create Supers conflicts emulating your favourite TV, movie, and comic book battles.

If you are familiar with miniature games, Supers Unlimited miniatures come with profiles for Pulp City and Super Mission Force offering you a great chance to test your strategic and tactical skills by assembling and controlling a Team of super-powered beings. The rules always favour a player who thinks three steps ahead and manages their resources best.