Real Name: Marta Eva Diaz

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Vindicators

When at last Anansi slipped the shackles of The Veil, he found himself adrift across the multiverse, unable to manifest on the Earthly plane. Ever cunning, Anansi split his power across dozens of Earths, knowing that when his agents came together at last, he would be whole and embodied upon the plane denied him.

On one such affected Earth, an Empire City University freshman named Marta Diaz was touched by the trickster god’s power. A student with a passion for mythology from across the world, when Anansi spoke to Marta, she at first disbelieved and only she could see and hear the spider-man god. She quickly realized she was not losing her mind and his presence was real.

Marta allowed Anansi’s power to wash over her, and in that moment could see a near-infinite silvery web, spun across universes, linking together every agent of the old god.

A sliver of Anansi’s power now hers, Marta did not see her benefactor again. She soon began to test herself, reveling in newfound strength, marveling at her inhuman agility and struck by awe when, musing about the web she had seen, she was able to spin her own crude etheric webbing from her fingertips. Marta was a superhero!

Creating her own costume, complete with mask to protect her civilian identity, Marta became Web-Weaver, and was soon seen joyously swing between the skyscrapers of Empire City on the webs she wove. The new masked heroine gained rapid popularity, taking down villains such as Toy Soldier, Elephantman, Dr. Scorpio, the Ghoul Glider and more. Her fame soared with the public backing of the Empire City Sentinel, and its fiery editor in chief, Maxwell M. Malloy! When Web Weaver crossed paths with the Hornet, they teamed up to take down Doctor Dread. A photographer for the Empire City Sentinel captured the only pictures of their meeting. Web-Weaver and Hornet quickly became two of the city’s most celebrated heroines, and the newspaper saw its sales skyrocket.

Web-Weaver and Hornet joined the Vindicators and their home city basked in a new age of supers. A few short months later the Vindicators were gone, Web-Weaver along with them. Left behind, Marta Diaz’ family and friends never learned of her superhero identity, just another missing person in a city of millions.

Marta is adjusting to a new time in Empire City. Life seems darker and harsher, and the world less bright than when she first swung between buildings as Web-Weaver. All those she loved are now gone, and few friends remain who remembered Marta Diaz and her abrupt disappearance almost sixty years earlier. For now, she is focused on using the power given by Anansi to protect her city once again as Web-Weaver.

“People will need protection and help, and we’re the only ones who can do it!”
Web-Weaver – Extraordinary Web-Weaver #1