Pulp War 35

An endless war where Vril and Tesla science are matched by arcane secrets unleashed by all factions fighting for decisive victory!

Special agents roam battlefields, envoys of their warmasters focused on the mission at hand. This is the world of Pulp War 35!

  • Sword Alliance: The Allies have pooled many of their supernatural, and Vril and Tesla science agents into a special operations force called the Sword Alliance.
  • Axis: Ultima Thule is the secret base where Axis super-science and mysticism are drawn together.
  • Great Pacific Empire: Japan has used its cutting edge technology and oni-alliances to expand across much of the Pacific theater.
  • Soviet-Sino Pact: In the CCCP the People’s Commissariat for Special Warfare (NKON) oversees deployment of all mystical and super-science resources into war zones. Their Chinese partners have a similar program being developed to resist the GPE.

Download the Pulp War 35 rules for free here!