Secret Origin

Lightning Bug Secret Origin!

We have added a tone of new Secret Origins to the site, including the most recent – Lightning Bug’s! Find out how a scientist took his research to the extreme and beyond, and became a superhero!

Roughneck Secret Origin!

Roughneck brings street-level justice to Empire City’s mean streets! You can read Roughnecks’s Secret Origin here (click for link). Keep checking in the the site for more Supers Unlimited news!

Ace Secret Origin!

Find out more about Ace, Empire City’s very own two-fisted vigilante! You can read Ace’s Secret Origin here (click for link). And in the next week or two we will publish more details about the Supers Unlimited crowd-funding launch!

Alpha Male Secret Origin!

This week we take a closer look at the Secret Origin of the Shadow Axis’ Alpha Male!   You can read his story here (click for link).   Alpha Male will be a stretch goal when the Supers Unlimited range launches in early 2019!

Blue Scarab Secret Origin!

It is time to learn more about the Blue Scarab, one of Empire City’s newest crime-fighters! You can read about this Hero’s Secret Origin here (click for link). Blue Scarab will be a stretch goal when the Supers Unlimited range launches in January 2019!

Tox (Secret Origin)

Tox wanders the sewers and shadowy back-alleys of Empire City, shunning prying eyes, standing beside his fellow Irregulars when needed. Before he was Tox he remembers little. He suspects he wasn’t always a walking mass of chemical muck, that he was someone else once. A life ago. He awoke one day and he was just …

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