Alignment: Villain

Faction: Shadow Axis

Miles Maxwell and  Albert Molloy, known to wrestling fans as Mayhem and Alpha Male, were both past their prime. Discarded by the big promotions, they decided to form their own wrestling company based in Empire City. The pair called in every favor they could, investing every last dime they had, but still they knew it would be a huge risk. Finally came launch night and they had a packed house and local TV coverage. The final match on the card would be Mayhem versus Alpha Male, and all was going as planned. The two made their flamboyant entrances to the ring, ready to rumble.

And then their plans crumbled as Scion, the World’s Mightiest Man crashed through the auditorium roof while in combat with Battle-Engine. A stunned silence settled before the audience fled leaving only the two wrestlers, Scion and his foe, while an abandoned camera was still running. As Scion forcefully deactivated Battle-Engine, an enraged Miles cursed the hero for ruining his launch night, his fury captured by still-transmitting cameras. His big comeback, and his final shot was ruined by a glory-hunting hero. Without responding, Scion leapt through the gaping hole in the roof into the night sky.

In the following days, the impact of the disastrous comeback was revealed in crippling financial and public relations problems. Mayhem’s verbal meltdown had turned the public and potential backers against him and his partner.

The two wrestlers were at their lowest ebb when a man named Guile introduced himself as the avatar of a trickster god. He offered the two doubters a simple bargain – he would give them tremendous power, allowing them revenge on Scion, with the only price that they play the part of super-human criminals as an extension of their ring personas, and that a great favour would be called in one day which neither could refuse. Mayhem accepted without a second thought, and Alpha Male soon agreed.

The athletes were soon infused with unimaginable might. They unleashed a crime spree which led to many conflicts with Scion and other heroes. With each escape, Mayhem has begun to question why he was chosen by Guile, and what deed he will have to perform, but until then he enjoys his new life as a super-villain, playing his role to the hilt.

“Its time for Mayhem! Here comes the one-man wrecking crew!”

Mayhem – Scion #11