The Rot

On an another Earth, Grimoire unleashed the power of Many-Angled Ones’ Null-Ego Precept, using The Hessian’s unliving body as a focus. Supers across Empire City were rapidly infected by the diabolical contagion. Heroes and villains alike were quickly overwhelmed, with few immune to the effects of the horrific plague. The Rot was born. Citizens the world over were soon consumed or likewise infected, with carriers transformed into something less than human, filled with carnivorous bloodlust. Now, there is a time of multiversal and temporal convergence on Earth 1921, The Rot is invading, and they hunger…

Team Members (click names in bold for links)

  • Unforged
  • Deadbeat
  • Death Beetle
  • Liber Mortis
  • Murder Hornet
  • N-Raged
  • Solitaire
  • Speed Fiend