Soldier Hex

Real Name: Simon Joseph Hendrix

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Covenant

When he finally left the military after a distinguished career, Simon Hendrix was at a loss as what to do next. A lifetime of soldiery had made him the best of the best, but time had finally caught up with him. He mused that he would go back to Empire City and maybe settle down some roots at last. Fate had other plans.

Returning to his old neighborhood in Shadow’s Point, Simon found a much-changed place. There was a strange feeling which hung over the place, as people he passed by avoided eye-contact and conversation.

He walked the streets until the day grew late and twilight set in. Passing what he took to be a dusty old bookshop, its sign ‘Grimalkin’s’. He heard a commotion inside and breaking glass. Guessing there would be some kind of bell on the door, he stepped inside, hoping to be taken for just another passing customer. What he saw stunned him. Two men with vivid red skin and horns atop their heads, dressed in biker denim and leathers emblazoned with Road Demonz patches.

A woman stood before the monstrous toughs, with some kind of coruscating energy spilling from her hands and acting as a barrier to the advancing thugs. Simon launched a spinning roundhouse kick to the head of one, turned, slammed an elbow into his throat and following with a strike to the face. The thug dropped a knife with a smoking blade under the crush of blows. Simon grabbed it and swept it into the body of the other biker as he stumbled away from the weird energy the woman was unleashing. A long, twisted sharpened iron bar flew into his hand, and in that moment Simon knew what he had to do. He plunged it into the chest of the first down biker, then the second, each turning to dust as he did so.

Simon entered a new world that day, and Lydia Grimalkin became his guide. Simon travelled the world, visiting dark places, learning great and ancient secrets, and unlocking the magic that lay within him. In time his journey brought him to the Covenant, and he became Soldier Hex, a warrior fighting against dark magic.

“There are people who wonder if I’m a monster. Maybe they’re half right. I fight monsters, and maybe I am the thing that scares them.”

Soldier Hex – Tales to Terrify #112