Blue Scarab

Real Name: Danielle ‘Dani’ Garret 

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Covenant

When her father was senselessly killed by a gangster’s bullet, young Danielle ‘Dani’ Garret was motivated to join the Empire City Police Department, but she soon found herself becoming frustrated by the slow pace of justice and red tape of police work. Nonetheless she proved a dedicated and diligent officer, who was decorated several times for acts of bravery in the next few years.

While investigating a new drugs ring that was flooding the city with cheap and highly dangerous narcotics, Dani was part of a team tasked with raiding the main base of the gang. The operation was textbook in its execution, but despite that Dani was wounded by gunfire. Gravely injured and hospitalized, she lay near death with little hope for recovery. There she was visited by an old college friend, Dr. Colleen Franz, who had her own plan to save Dani’s life.

Colleen’s laboratory had been working on a top-secret biochemistry project to enhance soldiers’ survivability on the battlefield. Franz surreptitiously administered the risky experimental treatment to her friend, knowing that if it failed she would die but holding every out hope that it would work. She left a lucky charm, a small golden scarab that Dani had bought for her years earlier. Within days Dani made a miraculous recovery.

Shortly after Dani’s discharge from hospital, Coleen met her at her apartment and explained what she had done. Dani was shocked but welcomed her friend’s intervention. Thinking of great heroes such as Mr. Glory, she was immediately inspired.

Dani explained to Coleen her frustration at the limitations on her as a police officer and the two hatched a plan. Franzco had been working on a variety of secret projects including bio-mimetic materials based on beetle chitin intended for combat use. The project’s suggested costs were too high for military purposes, so it had been shelved, but Dr. Franz was able to adapt a uniform for her friend, and so the Blue Scarab was born. She soon became a well-known crime-fighter in Empire City and one its most beloved, and eventually joined the ranks of the Covenant.

Since joining the Covenant, Dani and Coleen have gathered a cadre of young enthusiastic people who have a drive for justice and public service to form the Scarab Corps.

“I have super-strength and bullet-proof armor. You’re a goon with a handgun. Do the math.”

Blue Scarab – Blue Scarab #2