Ultima Custodes

The Ultima Custodes was once a colossal interstellar organization; the greatest warriors of one-hundred star systems united, each enhanced to defend the Realm all against aggression. When Realm systems were destroyed by Empyrean star-gods, the Ultima Custodes went to war. A bloody cosmic battle followed, with dozens of Custodes sacrificed to bring down each Empyrean. At war’s end, the Realm was fractured, a shadow of its former glory. Now the last of the Ultima Custodes hunt Empyrean avatars encroaching planet Earth, and nothing will stand in the way of their vengeance.

Team Members (click names in bold for links)

  • Princeps Nocte
  • Corvus Bellator
  • Domina Animarum
  • Mens Umbra
  • Primum Praetorium
  • Regina Mortis
  • Rubrum Carnifex