The Maven

Real Name: Isiah Jackson

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Covenant

The Maven is the intellect behind many Covenant of Justice successes stretching back for centuries. It is a mantle passed down within a single bloodline, and which today sits with Isaiah Jackson.

Across generations The Maven has been a secret aid to presidents and generals, always placing the needs of his nation above his own, while stoically facing their own struggles.

The first Maven was General Washington’s agent during the Revolutionary War. Solomon Jackson was hand-picked by Washington for his uncannily keen mind, tasked with a secret mission of incredible sensitivity. Washington bid that Jackson adopt a nom-de-guerre to allow him to operate without tipping off the enemy, and so the masked Maven was born.

Many more missions followed, each an elaborate scheme that required The Maven’s sharp mind and wide-ranging expertise.

At wars’ end, Jackson set forth on a journey across the globe. He acquired knowledge from every continent, learning secrets of esoteric arts in faraway lands, and deploying them in the pursuit of justice.

As Solomon Jackson aged, The Maven would still be called on occasionally to aid his country. Realising the need would last beyond his lifetime he set his secrets into the Maven Folio and began teaching his only child William the arts of The Maven, creating a legacy to last through generations. In each generation a new Maven rose to heed the call of their country. Today Isaiah Jackson is the latest and possibly most learned Maven, a man who courageously answers the call that has echoed through centuries.

Isaiah is valued for his brilliance by his team-mates, and especially by Mr. Glory for his wise counsel. As The Maven, he stoically approaches each mission knowing it could be his last, determined to protect the citizens of the country he loves. Isaiah carries a heavy burden; one he has not yet shared with his allies. The calculations in the Maven Folio suggest that a time of reckoning is coming, and the fate of universes will rest in the hands of those heroes able to respond to the call. The Maven will be in their number.

“This was over before you started to fight, let me demonstrate that for you!”
The Maven – Covenant of Justice #29