Doc Cosmos

Real Name: David Cross

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Covenant

Doc Cosmos regularly lights up the night skies across San Gabriel and Empire City with his flashy cosmic energy powers, establishing himself as one of his country’s most prominent heroes in the media and the public consciousness.

However, few know the truth about his powers and how he acquired them. David Cross was a rock star in the astronomy world. Aged 26 he had more planetary discoveries to his name than anyone else, and had formulated his first emerging theories of cosmic flux particles. He was on the cover of popular science journals and had crossed over to the mainstream, appearing on late night talk shows and his own web-television series. He shone brightly and was the golden boy of science, and his latest work, the cosmic flux particle detector, would earn him his Nobel Prize, of that he was absolutely certain.

Working late at night at the San Gabriel observatory, David was perturbed by a sudden and incredibly rapid gathering of storm clouds. Forecasts had been for a crystal clear night and this was something else. Suddenly, the sky was filled with fluctuating ribbons of light which split the gathered darkling clouds. The light pulsed and shined downwards, bathing the city in intense colourful brilliance, centred on the observatory. Inside, David shielded his eyes as his instruments went wild, and his prototype cosmic flux particle detector overloaded, unleashing a burst of energy.

The bolt of energy raced through the observatory towards David, veering around objects as it moved. In the moment before it hit, David was sure he saw the face of his father in the light, a man who had been missing for twenty years. David was sure his father mouthed the word ‘son’ before the light washed over him and he blacked out. Hours later he awoke, imbued with energy and questions, and so the media-savvy hero Doc Cosmos was born.

After becoming Doc Cosmos, David joined the Covenant and became the most high-profile of celebrity superheroes. But all the while he has questions as to just how he gained his powers, and what has happened to his father.

“Save the day first, autographs later guys!”

Doc Cosmos – Doc Cosmos #2