The Cowl

Alignment: Hero

Faction: Covenant

According to the hidden lore of the Order of Shadows, their sacred cowl was first worn by their most-secret agent, a man tasked with bringing justice to those who evaded it. Their agent found himself in a remote castle, hunting a noble who was secretly a dark sorcerer who had been preying on young local women, leaving only bloody corpses behind. The agent, Eduardo Bacelar, was a good man, but hopelessly outmatched. Brought low by sinister magic, and near to death, he stoically proclaimed that justice would be served by his blood in the name of the Order of Shadows even as evil sorcery rained down upon him.

The Order recovered Bacelar’s remains after the sorcerer fled his ancestral home, evidently fearing others would follow the agent. In years that followed, the Order came to revere the Cowl of their fallen agent, in time learning that it had been imbued with great power, providing the experience and wisdom of each previous bearer of the hood. This power could only be unlocked by those of Bacelar’s bloodline, and so in each generation one of that number was approached to wear the mantle of the Cowl.

Centuries later, in Louisiana’s Rivière Noire, Felicia Ramon withdrew from the world after witnessing the brutal murder of her best friend. The killer was never brought to justice and she felt powerless and alone. On a storm-wracked evening there was a knock at her apartment door. With trepidation she answered it to find her visitor was an old man with sharp eyes. Despite herself, Felicia found there was something about the old man which set her at ease, and she agreed to listen to his story.

The old man told her that he was the last of the Order of Shadows, and he had brought the sacred hood to the United States to the last of the Bacelar bloodline. He explained that the Order and The Cowl were instruments of justice and that only she could put them to use.

In a momentary fugue, Felica took the hood and placed it on her head. In an instant the memories of every Cowl before her flooded through her mind. In that moment Felicia had renewed purpose, vowing to hunt down her friend’s killer and bring him to justice.

The Cowl succeeded, and the killer was captured along with evidence of his crime. Averse to taking lives, she primarily relies on special less-than-lethal ammunition for her trusty guns, and now brings stealth, detective work, and infiltration skills to Covenant missions.

Brute. Your error ends today. Justice is served!”

The Cowl – Legends of The Cowl #5