Big Brain

Alignment: Villain

Faction: Shadow Axis

Dr. Bryan Bains and his colleague Dr. Alec Sallis were experimental biochemists tasked by EvoCorp with developing ways of unlocking superhuman capability in otherwise normal people.

After years of dead ends, the two scientists finally found a promising breakthrough, devising their radical and unstable Formula X, derived from a rare supply of semi-stable Plasma X. However, Alec began to get cold feet, wondering about whether or not it was right to ‘play god’ with humanity’s potential, angering his colleague. Bains’ resentment of Sallis grew, seething under the surface.

Pressuring his partner to continue their line of research, when Sallis finally made a stand and refused to cooperate something within Dr. Bains snapped. He would not allow years of work to be thrown away, he had worked too hard. He had suffered a lifetime of jibes about his size and intellect, and nicknames thrown at him at college such as ‘Big Brain’, and now the power he had secretly coveted was within his grasp – his colleague’s conscience would not deny him!

It was late at night after a long day in the lab when the two men argued. Dr. Sallis stated he intended to destroy their research and began to delete precious files.

Overcome with rage, Dr. Bains sabotaged the safety protocols on the lab’s only supply of Formula X. Sallis, a normally meek and pacifistic man, pushed his diminutive colleague out of the way, before stumbling over in his charge towards the vat of bubbling Formula X which suddenly and violently spilled  across the lab floor.

Dr. Bains seized his chance and grasped a heavy pair of forceps, smashing his fellow scientist in the skull. Believing Dr. Sallis to be dead, Bains waited for his moment of truth and transformation.

The small scientist was changed when the volatile Formula X engulfed the small lab. In moments he was transformed, power coursing through his every fibre. His cranium enlarged grotesquely as both his id and his ultimate psychic potential was unleashed. He was Bains no more, and recalling the nickname he had hated so much in his youth he became Big Brain!

“Your hocus pocus parlor tricks and your pitiful guns are no match for my mind!”

Big Brain – Tales to Terrify #123