Super Mission Force – Heroes

As part of the Supers Unlimited launch all characters will have with two downloadable game cards – this means that all characters will be ready-to-play with the Super Mission Force game.

Super Mission Force is the fast and fun superhero action game published by Four-Color Studios!

The launch Heroes will be Ace, Doc Cosmos, Soldier Hex and The Cowl who together form a standard size team for Super Mission Force.

Ace is a journalist turned masked two-fisted vigilante when he got too close to a story. He is a Street Level character who used a Trade Off to gain an extra Minor Power; his reduced Move and Psyche from the Trade Off are offset by his Armor and Swing Line Maneuver (which he gained through the X-Factor Power). Ace’s Fortune Minor Power adds to his resilience by giving an extra die to Defense rolls when used, but this needs to be well-timed as it has a Recharge roll to be used again. His durability and mobility boost from Swing Line makes Ace a cheap Objective grabber, but not one who will stand up too long against heavy-hitters.

Doc Cosmos was transformed by a freak accident, his powers making him an instant celebrity superhero. In Super Mission Force he is a Standard Level Blaster. Like Ace, he has a Trade Off which he used to add the Clever Boost, representing that he is a scientific genius. With Flight, Force Field (which protects against Body Damage but not Psyche Damage), and Power Blasts, Doc Cosmos is a very mobile fighter whose greatest weakness is Psyche Damage attacks, so he needs to be mindful of enemy Mentalists most of all. His attacks and mobility make him an excellent all-rounder in a team and ideal for a battlefield control role.

Soldier Hex is an ex-special forces soldier turned mystic warrior against things that dwell in the darkness. To reflect this, he was created as a Super Level Wild Card; this represents the wide array of magical and military abilities he brings to bear. He has an X-Power called Lesser Sorcery; this works like the Sorcery Major Power except that it grants only 2 Minor Powers (with the same exclusions) and only one Grimoire Power may be used per Turn – his standard Grimoire choices are Enhance and Entangle. His combat training and gear is represented by his Armor, Melee Specialists and Power Blasts Powers.

Finally, and certainly last but by no means least, comes The Cowl, a hero who carries the legacy of generations of other heroes. She is a Standard Level Wild Card with a mix of combat and non-combat Powers. Like Ace, Fortune gives The Cowl added durability. Enhanced Senses and Savant give her synergistic reroll bonuses to perception and Initiative checks, making her the ideal choice as Leader. These two Powers, as well as Fortune, signify the centuries of experience available to her through her mystical hood. Savant also provides rerolls for Objectives. Finally, she bolsters the team’s array of ranged attacks with her own.

The four heroes form a standard size team in Super Mission Force, with particular threat at range and characters suited to combat and non-combat roles.


Super Mission Force copyright © 2015, 2018 Four-Color Studios, used with permission.