Partnership Announcement

Pulp Monsters (makes of Pulp City) and Kitbash Games are incredibly excited to announce their partnership to deliver a bold next era of Pulp City gaming! This partnership will deliver new miniatures and new game-play choices, rules updates and errata, and regular new online content for Pulp City. The brainchild of Maciej Żylewicz’s Pulp Monsters, …

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Roughneck Secret Origin!

Roughneck brings street-level justice to Empire City’s mean streets! You can read Roughnecks’s Secret Origin here (click for link). Keep checking in the the site for more Supers Unlimited news!

Ace Secret Origin!

Find out more about Ace, Empire City’s very own two-fisted vigilante! You can read Ace’s Secret Origin here (click for link). And in the next week or two we will publish more details about the Supers Unlimited crowd-funding launch!

Launch Update!

Time for a quick update re: the crowd-funding launch of the Supers Unlimited range. We had hoped to launch on January 24th, but due to delays around mastering the final sculpt in the initial line-up where we had to change sculptor, then our original production partner went out of business – we wish the team …

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Alpha Male Secret Origin!

This week we take a closer look at the Secret Origin of the Shadow Axis’ Alpha Male!   You can read his story here (click for link).   Alpha Male will be a stretch goal when the Supers Unlimited range launches in early 2019!

Blue Scarab Secret Origin!

It is time to learn more about the Blue Scarab, one of Empire City’s newest crime-fighters! You can read about this Hero’s Secret Origin here (click for link). Blue Scarab will be a stretch goal when the Supers Unlimited range launches in January 2019!