Elastoid Secret Origin!

We have added Elastoid’s Secret Origin to the website and updated the links for various Secret Origins, as well as adding hints for supers we have planned for Season 2…. Elastoid’s origin can be found here (click for link).

Gravegun – sneak peak!

Something for the future, maybe Season 2 – Gravegun, equipped with possessed guns from a long-dead pulp hero! I already have a sculptor in mind for this one, so I think he will move up the project list!

Lightning Bug Secret Origin!

We have added a tone of new Secret Origins to the site, including the most recent – Lightning Bug’s! Find out how a scientist took his research to the extreme and beyond, and became a superhero!

Partnership Announcement

Pulp Monsters (makes of Pulp City) and Kitbash Games are incredibly excited to announce their partnership to deliver a bold next era of Pulp City gaming! This partnership will deliver new miniatures and new game-play choices, rules updates and errata, and regular new online content for Pulp City. The brainchild of Maciej Żylewicz’s Pulp Monsters, …

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Roughneck Secret Origin!

Roughneck brings street-level justice to Empire City’s mean streets! You can read Roughnecks’s Secret Origin here (click for link). Keep checking in the the site for more Supers Unlimited news!