Supers Unlimited Faction Primer!

When Kitbash Games started creating the Supers Unlimited range, initial ambitions were stripped down to reduce the number of Factions described, however the first Kickstarter campaign success caused a revisiting of faction ideas that had been dropped and development of a few new groups.

Factions have no bearing on Super Mission Force teams, but come into play for the Pulp City game, and in trying to make Empire City a vibrant hotbed of supers action, it made sense to have clear Factions. Of course there are number of characters with loyalties to more than Faction, because as in the comics, line-ups do change!

The goal will be to create stable rosters of larger and smaller groups; teams such as Nu-Genix, Scarab Corps, STAR Agents, Warforged and Aegis will have limited memberships, typically between 5 and 9 models to choose from, while larger Factions have more concepts in the development queue.

Now, as a primer for each Faction (left to right, top to bottom) read on!


  • Leader: Mr. Glory, a super for almost 250 years, and the team’s leader through most of its incarnations across two centuries.
  • Modus Operandi: Classic hero team with a mix of archetypes and origins; the Covenant rises to the challenge whenever injustice rises or the population is threatened, operating with federal endorsement.


  • Leader: The Eye, a mysterious entity which assumes human-like form.
  • MO: These heroes represent a legacy of superheroes dating back through the generations; their self-imposed remit is to counter the threat of other supers, no matter where they perceive that threat to come from, which has brought them into conflict with other heroes.


  • Leader: Star Phantom, the last survivor of his corps.
  • MO: Heroes from earth and beyond drawn together by the power of Star Stone fragments. The Aegis are often the first line of defence against alien invasion.

STAR Agents

  • Leader: The team has no formal leader, although Cipher often acts as its field commander.
  • MO: The Super Technologically Augmented Response Agents derive their powers from experimental technology secretly developed by Professor Everett Schumacher, serving as the special supers arm of federal law-enforcement and disaster recovery.


  • Leader: Professor Quantum, mathemagician of the quantum age.
  • MO: When Empire city was under threat by super-criminals in the early sixties, the Vindicators formed together in the starkly felt absence of the Covenant during one that team’s hiatuses. After several years as the darlings of their home city they were displaced over 50 years into the future and now adjust to new lives, with a mix of veteran members, new allies and legacies of former team-mates.


  • Leader: Dr. Blood, immortal mystic.
  • MO: The Unified Nations Intervention Team is a global super event and disaster response team.

Bureau X

  • Leader: Lady Winter, immortal mistress of cold.
  • MO: The Bureau of Extranormal Security (aka Bureau X) is a specialist agency which recruits convicted super-criminals to act in government service as a way of paying down their prison sentences.

Scarab Corps

  • Leader: Blue Scarab acts as nominal leader for the group.
  • MO: A band of heroes inspired by the Blue Scarab’s example, determined to bring justice back to the city’s streets and toughest neighbourhoods.


  • Leader: Headlock acts as nominal leader for the group.
  • MO: Escapees from black-site experimentation, the Nu-Genix mistrust authority while they search for others of their kind to offer them shelter.


  • Leader: No formal leader.
  • MO: Superhumans shunned or overlooked by society, and choosing to hide themselves away, the Outcasts still all-too-often get drawn into superhuman conflict.


  • Leader: Father, self-aware robotic life-form from the future.
  • MO: Is Father determined to prevent an apocalyptic future or cause it?


  • Leader: No formal leader.
  • MO: Refugee villains from an alternative earth who are twisted mirrors of heroes from the Supers Unlimited Earth.

Shadow Axis

  • Leader: Stormfront, who usurped Tyrant after 20 years lost in limbo; Tyrant desires to reclaim what he built.
  • MO: The Shadow Axis operates on a credo of superiority, that as supers its members are not bound to human laws or morality. Tyrant had sought to establish a new world order with the Shadow Axis at its head, but Stormfront has other interests. A reckoning will come between the two. Not all of the membership of the Shadow Axis shares the same ideology as either leader, simply seeing a measure of safety in the organisation’s ranks.

Syndicate 7

  • Leader: Adamantine, a super for over 100 years, now driven by greed.
  • MO: Villains banded together to gather wealth and power.


  • Leader: The Primacy operates a council of leadership, with the dark lama The Great Question at its head.
  • MO: Secretly operating for decades to ensure ever-greater influence for its council members, the Primacy has now been drawn into more open conflict with other supers as it seeks to achieve its ends. The beaten Tyrant has begun to lobby for membership of the council, promising to bring the might of the Shadow Axis under the the direction of the Primacy.


  • Leader: The team has no formal leader, although Warfang often acts as its field commander.
  • MO: Supers with military experience, the Warforged are super-mercs for hire, coming together when their high price is met, while each member also pursues their own interest, forging positions in other teams.


  • Leader: Doctor Arachnos, supercriminal mastermind.
  • MO: Villains out for revenge on the heroes who have foiled their plans time and time again.


  • Leader: Ultima has no hierarchical leadership, however Zurat the Lightning often leads in conflict.
  • MO: For a millennia the Ultima have used their Veil Stones to siphon the power trapped behind The Veil. Now a cadre of the Ultima have turned their attention to Earth as several of the old gods have reached beyond their prison.

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