Supers Unlimited Launch!

The wait is nearly over for the launch of the new Supers Unlimited range! On August 22nd 2019,  Kitbash Games launches its first Kickstarter – a campaign to fund production of the first wave of Supers Unlimited miniatures to be cast in high quality resin.

Supers Unlimited miniatures are designed to be size-compatible with many existing supers miniatures ranges and all characters will come with profiles for the Pulp City and Super Mission Force gaming systems!

Please join us on August 22nd for our launch which will include a 72-hour Early Bird pledge for the 9 core launch miniatures: Ace, Doc Cosmos (pictured), Soldier Hex, The Cowl, Big Brain, Blackthorn, Immolator, Mayhem (pictured)and Granite (pictured)!

The campaign will allow us to produce a wide range of character types, and the more successful the campaign becomes, the greater the number of Heroes, Villains and Anti-Heroes that will be unlocked!